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Phone: (808) 778 - 1529
Don't worry, my Hawai‘i area code won't charge long distance! 📱
Emails:  katelilydowd@gmail.com
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I use both she/her and they/them pronouns
ENFP  | iS (DiSC Workplace Profile)
 Aquarius ♒ | Pescatarian since 2018
Collector of Crystals and Jars of Sand

Here's a little bit more about me that isn't anywhere else on this site:​​​​​​​
I grew up on O‘ahu, Hawai‘i and moved back to the Mainland in 2008 to attend middle school, high school and university in Southern California.
One thing my resume won't tell you is that I'm a super friendly person who loves to strike up and carry a conversation with anyone. I attribute much of this to the Aloha Spirit I was surrounded by growing up! 🌺
I'm proud to be a multiracial person: race and ethnicity has always been an interesting conversation for me, especially since I have a twin sister who looks like the completely opposite of me! O‘ahu is full of mixed race people and is the only state (*cough* illegally overthrown kingdom) with AAPI people making up the majority of the population, so it was definitely a culture shock move to a different state at 12 years old!
On top of being a mixture of European descents including Irish, Scottish, German, and English, my dad is half Japanese and my grandmother is an immigrant from Oita-Ken, Kyūshū Island, Japan. 
As a Sansei (三​​​​​​​世 or Third Generation), I'm trying my best to reconnect to the culture that was lost after societal pressures to assimilate, meaning my dad lost the ability to speak his first language, Japanese.
I took 3 semesters of Japanese while at USC, and try to keep up with it today on Duolingo!
I was also part of the Events Board at USC's Multiracial Student Organization, Mixed SC,
where we talked critically about all the nuances of being mixed race in America. 

I adore spending time with animals. My family has two super cute pugs that I'm a little too obsessed with. Their names are Appa and Suki, from the amazing Nickelodeon show Avatar the Last Airbender!
Thrift shopping to find vintage fashion and curating my individual style, writing, and animation are some of my other favorite hobbies. I also love exploring Los Angeles by checking out all of the amazing coffee shops, restaurants, hiking trails, markets and events.
I look forward to getting to know you one day as well!

Feel free to shoot me an email or message on LinkedIn - especially if you read through all of the above.
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