My role as a Marketing Coordinator has a heavy focus on strategic content planning, execution, and analytics. 
One of the first things I did when starting at Dreamscape post-pandemic in March 2022 was automate the social posting process. Instead of manual posting to social media which is a major pain point and what they had been doing previously, I began utilizing Facebook Creator Studio and connected all accounts to HubSpot to schedule posts in advance.
By collaborating with the Marketing Director and Graphic Designer, we plan posts using a content calendar, typically about 2 months in advance. I am responsible for writing all social captions and hashtags, creating high-quality written, image, and video content, scheduling posts, and reporting on their results in order to grow brand awareness and engage audiences.
The content calendar includes national holidays as well as other fun lesser known holidays with a Dreamscape spin. I pitched weekly repeatable ideas, such as Monday Memes, Testimonial Tuesdays showcasing Dreamscape's Yelp and Google Business reviews, interactive Trivia Tuesdays in Instagram Stories, Guest Reposts/UGC, as well as individual campaigns like the Men in Black Alien Dossier campaign that has accumulated 5k+ views on Facebook and 15k+ views on Instagram. 

I coordinate all giveaways and choose and contact winners, then share any photos of their visit.
I created the Alien Zoo Archives and Magic Projector Archives. These are landing pages within HubSpot with QR codes at the locations that serve as a scavenger-hunt type game placed in the vitrines at Westfield Century City. These have UTM tracking codes installed, and each quarter I report on the page clicks and generated revenue through Google Analytics.
I use daily growth strategies across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to monitor and nurture an online community. This means making sure that I’m closely monitoring feeds daily. 
On Instagram, I engage by liking and commenting on posts from people Dreamscape follows, regularly liking posts in the hashtags #vr and #virtualreality, checking for tagged content and re-sharing to stories, as well as making sure any DM inquiries are being answered promptly. I also scout Instagram influencers to collaborate with, message them, and work with Dreamscape store managers to arrange their visits. 

On Facebook, this means utilizing the News Feed feature to like and comment on posts from partnerships, malls Dreamscape is in like AMC, Vox Cinemas, NorthPark Center, Westfield Century City / Westfield Garden State Plaza, Easton Town Center, Mall of the Emirates, and big names in VR like Zero Latency, Sandbox, Hologate, Meta/Reality Labs, Immersive Van Gogh, Wonderspaces and more. All of these pages were selected and curated by me from the ground up so that Dreamscape can appear as a Suggested Page and is aligned with these pages within Facebook’s algorithm.
Similarly on Twitter, finding and following accounts of people or brands within the VR industry has caused the increase in followers seen below and the positive upwards trend on the account. I also do daily monitoring of the Twitter homepage to build relationships with these types of accounts by liking and commenting on tweets that have to do with VR and immersive media.

I create recurring monthly reports and suggest ideas for improvements on future campaigns and content, and provide deep insights into email results, social media platforms, Google Business results, and Google Analytics for website results. These reports identify key consumer insights that will improve customer acquisition and retention and drive ticket sales and customer loyalty.

Although I do deep dives each month, I also track activity over time in a yearly spreadsheet to get a macro understanding of account growth over time.
I'm in charge of the day-to-day coordination and implementation of marketing campaigns (ensuring assets are delivered and deadlines met, assisting with the research, planning and execution of campaigns and partnerships, presentations, etc.) and support the Marketing Director with any additional Marketing activities as required. For example, when HubSpot gave us only two weeks notice that we were over our allotted email addresses for our current tier and costs would increase if not resolved, I was able to clean up our mailing list and reduced it from 330k+ contacts down to 150k, well below our 175k cap by deleting contacts who reported spam, bounces, unengaged contacts, unsubscribes / opt outs, etc.
I brainstorm email and newsletter ideas, upload the files to HubSpot, attach links, and include UTM tracking codes. I then create email reports that include the Open Rate, CTR, Click Rate, Unsubscribe %, Recipients, Number of Links Clicked, Number of Unsubscribes, Spam Reports, Hard Bounces, Soft Bounces, and Click Map.​​​​​​​
June 2022, Top 5 Reasons to Travel with Dreamscape
49.81% Open Rate | 1.48% CTR | 253 Link Clicks | 34426 recipients
July 2022, Oh Say Can You Sea / 4th of July Promo
49.25 Open Rate | 1.21% CTR | 204 Link Clicks | 34178 recipients
July 2022, School’s Out
49.48% Open Rate | 1.15% CTR | 195 Link Clicks | 34215 recipients
July 2022, Dragon Trainers Ages 8 and Above
51.88% Open Rate | 0.9% CTR | 162 Link Clicks | 34819 recipients
July 2022, Step into the Screen
50.63% Open Rate | 1.61% CTR | 300 Link Clicks | 36828 recipients
August 2022, BLU Guest Video
48% Open Rate | 2.4% CTR | 472 Link Clicks | 40997 recipients
September 2022, MIB Alien Dossiers
48% Open Rate | 2.02% CTR | 420 Link Clicks | 43429 recipients
October 2022, Happy Halloween
47% Open Rate | 1.47% CTR | 317 Link Clicks | 45741 recipients
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